17 April 2020

Keep your lockdown courts pictures coming in and make the most of your allowed walks!

Tennis courts are often in extremely beautiful park settings so it's no surprise many of you have been walking past them when you are allowed out for exercise and looking at the empty spaces wistfully! Until we can start playing again, pictures are the next best thing. So here are a few of the latest to have arrived in our in box, and do keep sending them! It cheers us up at Tennis HQ and reminds us how keen we are to get back on court.

Toby from East Sheen gets this week's can of balls for summing up exactly why we love playing in parks in the spring

Keep the pictures coming, BUT DO FOLLOW THIS GUIDANCE...

  • Do not go outside if you are self-isolating or have Coronavirus symptoms
  • Do not make an unnecessary trip to your courts just to take a picture. In many countries, neighbourhood walks are limited to a 1km distance from your home and we recommend this precaution.
  • Do not touch gates, handles or other fixtures and fittings and do not go on the courts themselves. Do not take your racket or other tennis equipment.
  • Do not linger - shoot and keep going on your way!
  • Do not ask others to use your camera or phone.
  • At all times, employ the recommended 2 meter social distancing from other people you may meet.
  • Turn round and go another way if the park is too busy
  • Do not include any children in the pictures (unless they are your own and you are happy for us to publish them in which case please make that clear when you send them).

Send your pictures (high res please), to info@localtennisleagues.com. Please tell us the name and location of the courts and add a note giving us permission to add them to the website. If we get a lot of nice submissions we'll award a prize to the best!

But remember...

Only do this if it is safe for you and others. Do not make any long or unnecessary trips. We love tennis and we want to it to start again as soon as possible and we want you and everyone else to be safe and well to play.