26 August 2021

Knee Replacements Won't Stop Tony

Tony Quinn

Meet Tony - he was one of the first players to sign up for the new London Wheelchair League. After needing total knee replacements in both his legs, he was introduced to wheelchair tennis...


Hello, I am Tony.

After a lifetime of competitive representative squash, I found myself in need of a total knee replacement on both of my legs. Whilst in rehab after my new right knee and looking for an outlet for my harnessed energies, I was introduced to Wheelchair Tennis. It came as no surprise to me when I found it to be lots of fun and also that my racquet skills were very transferable and I was not too bad a standard at tennis.

Looking around for opportunities to play matches, I saw the new London Wheelchair Tennis League and wasted no time in putting my name forward. There was a pool of four players, two female and two male, and we agreed to get together and play all our matches in a one day mini-tournament. It was a great day and a lot of fun was had by all. After round one I was very happy to have finished runner-up, having lost just one match.

I get my new left knee in the middle of September and as soon as I am able, I shall be joining the LWT League once again.


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