8 November 2018

Letting off steam

Valeria Piovesana

Valeria has taken the Holland Park league by storm since her debut in June, winning all eleven of the matches she's played and picking up two group titles to rapidly rise up the ranks. We find out how her sole focus on the game has proved to be both liberating and a key to her success. 

I used to play tennis when I was a child and during college. I then moved to London and life took over, and as a result I only played occasionally during client events or some doubles with friends. In the last couple of years my kids started playing and through watching them I have got back into it. I have realised that while playing, I'm not thinking of anything else other than the game. I find such a feeling very liberating and powerful for the mind. So I now play as much as I can!

My tennis coach told me about the league and pushed me to join in June this year. I enjoyed meeting new players, so I enrolled in the September round too.

I have always focused on singles and although I enjoy the social/team element of the doubles, I consider myself a singles player. I have quite a competitive nature so tennis is an ideal sport for me to go and let off some steam. There is always so much more to learn and perfect, and I like the feeling of having new targets and goals to explore. 

In the summer, I spent some time in the USA and while there I played an exciting opponent, who only said after killing me (in our game) that she was a former Olympic player! We are still in touch and have formed a nice long-distance friendship. I had a very interesting match with Tomas in the league too. It lasted 4 hours and I really enjoyed the rhythm and mental pressure that came with it. We are actually playing another game together this weekend outside of the league.

I would definitely encourage others to join the league. It is a great way to meet a diverse set of players, stay fit and have a structured way to challenge yourself and improve. I am very happy to have met such a good group of people both to play the sport and on a personal level!

Don't worry there's still time to fit in some tennis this year! The next round in Holland Park starts on 22nd November and you can join here.