26 April 2018

Liverpool v Manchester. The north west rivalry

After admitting his loyalties lie with the red half of Liverpool this week, Kyle Edmund got us thinking...

Liverpool or Manchester, who's winning on the local tennis courts!?

Edmund spoke to the BBC at Queen's Club about his love for Liverpool FC.

'The big match was obviously in Istanbul - I was 10 then. I remember my mum saying 'you need to go to bed', she didn't realise what was happening, but I said, no no, I've got to stay up! I ended up watching them win it.'

Edmund admitted that watching Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-0 in the first leg of their recent Champions League tie was the best football atmosphere he'd ever experienced.

'Right at the end, after the game had finished, people normally filter out, but 10 minutes after the match people were still in there signing!'

So, which city is dominating tennis in the north west?


The Stats:

Come on Liverpool, time to up your game!

Let's get more tennis players playing on local tennis courts in Liverpool! 

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Manchester.. well done for now but beware, Liverpool are no strangers to a comeback!

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