16 August 2018

A magnificent seven

Stephen Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds has made group one in the Glasgow league his own, winning the last seven rounds without losing a match! We caught up with the long standing champ to discover his recipe for success.

I started playing tennis after being inspired by Connors vs Borg at Wimbledon in 1977. What a match!

One of my friends had played in the league and suggested I join. He said it was tremendous fun, and he was right!

Winning Group 1 for the first time has been one of my most memorable moments. I was overjoyed that I'd actually won something at tennis. Since then I put my success in the leagues down to my commitment to practicing every Sunday evening, along with plenty of rest between playing.

My biggest pleasure has been meeting new people, some of whom have subsequently become good personal friends. It’s a fun event, but the competitive aspect also helps to improve your game and approach to matches. 

The latest round in Glasgow got underway this week and the big question is, can Stephen continue his winning streak or will another player rise to the challenge? We look forward to seeing how the round unfolds.