1 June 2018

Make 'em Run!

Benedict Lam

Ben Lam is currently topping his group of the KB League in South London. What got him playing and what is the secrest of his success?

I started watching tennis when I moved to the UK 11 years ago (thanks Wimbledon!). But it wasn't until about 3 years ago that I started picking up a racket playing. I dd some beginner drop in sessions and from there I played more regularly, took some lessons, and started practising with a few friends. I started playing in Local Tennis Leagues in 2016 and have played at least a few leagues a year since then.

Most people  would agree that playing matches is the best way to improve your tennis because you get to play a variety of players with different playing styles, and it also puts you in a match situation (which is very different to just hitting the ball with someone in practice mode). You also get to move around different courts in the area (and brave different elements thanks to the British weather), so there's no room for complacency on court! 

I live in Kennington in South London, and usually play either at Archbishop's Park or Kennington Park. Archbishop's Park has nicer courts (particularly the new hard court) but it costs more. Kennington Park is ok, but can be a bit "pebbly" and the lines need repainting!

My style of play is to run and make the opponent run! I also like turning defensive play into offensive play. I enjoy matches where there are lots of long rallies where the scores are tight are always exciting. Regardless of winning or losing, as long as you learn something from the match, than it's valuable.

If you want to improve your tennis and meet like-minded tennis fans without breaking the bank paying for a tennis club membership, join your local LTL and start playing (while the weather is nice)! You may even make new friends and find new practice partners.

The 46th round of what we call the KB League (Kennington and Brockwell Parks) starts on 19th July. Sign up by Monday 16th July.