10 April 2018

New figures show just how important tennis can be!

Sport England have just released their latest 'Active lives' survey results.

The survey ran across November 2016 until November 2017 and delves deap into the figures for activity rates amongst adults in England.

Here at Local Tennis Leagues we've become a little bit obsessed with the figures! With inactivity at 25.7% of the population, the worrying trend seems to be continuing.

Whilst a large proportion of the country might be inactive, we like to think that Local Tennis Leagues is playing its part on the other end of the scale! 

With our tennis matches (on average) lasting 2 hours, it means that by playing in your local league, you're fulfilling 80% of the recommended excercise per week, so we can officially say that our players are active! Well done!!

In fact, staying fit and healthy through tennis almost seems like cheating to us! How can something so good for you, be so fun for you too!? If you'd like to find out more about the health benefits of playing tennis, take a look at our recent chat with Dr Natasha Beach here.

Looking to stay active with Local Tennis Leagues? All the info on your local league here!