23 August 2019

Next stop for Andy Murray - the Rafa Nadal Academy!

Continuing his comeback, Andy Murray will be getting some crucial match practice at an ATP Challenger event hosted by the Rafa Nadal Academy in Mallorca. Having made 4 trips there, LTL can offer the 3 times Grand Slam champ the following tips

  • As a dedicated fan of the ice bath, you won't want to miss the one in the fabulous spa at the Academy. It's accessed via a ladder, a bit like going through a hole in the ice in the Arctic. Trophies could be accommodated if you want to repeat your Wimbledon-trophy-in-the-ice-bath-shot.
  • No need for single use plastic here! You can fill up your water bottle from one of the taps on the path between the hard courts.
  • If you do run into any LTL players, they do like a selfie! 
  • Popp is the local nightclub in Manacor. Rafa has been a regular here, so they are used to stars and unlikely to call the paparazzi.
  • Sorry we won't be there for our legendary quiz night but do write a question for the next one and leave it with the waitress Mercedes who is half Scottish, half Spanish (you will recognise her by her Glaswegian accent).
  • There are great, old fashioned toy shops in town for a gift for your girls
  • Instead of "Andy's Granny's Homemade Shortbread" try an ensaimada (it looks like a coiled sausage but it's sweet and tastes great).
  • Don't forget a cap for the pool. They are not flattering but no one will notice if you swim fast 
  • Ask for the suite (room 200).

Play on the same courts Andy will be playing on! The Rafa Nadal Academy is running a new Seniors (30+) tournament for recreational players from 27 October to 3 November. Click here for details and get 12% off with the promo code LTL12

Photo of Andy Murray by Kate Tann via Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0