5 June 2020

Picture perfect: a celebration of the tennis you play

After 15 years nurturing this nationwide network of friendly, competitive tennis leagues, Sally Kinnes and Nigel Billen are handing over the fun to the LTA. But how to celebrate all those wonderful matches and fantastic players? Lost for words, the founders turned to leading artist and illustrator Paul Cox to capture your achievement.

"I've known Paul for years," says Local Tennis League co-founder, Nigel Billen. "We have worked together on various projects and he did an amazing depiction of Wimbledon and the All England Club for a story for ACE tennis magazine. Over the years I have watched in awe as his reputation has soared and it is a real privilege that he agreed to help us celebrate the achievements of Local Tennis Leagues and its players.

"We would love to give everyone a copy of the print, but we can't quite do that," says Nigel who personally commissioned the painting. "But we have found a great London-based printmaker who specialises in art-grade digital printing, so players have an opportunity to get their own limited edition, souvenir copy."

The prints are available in two sizes: A2 to match the original artwork, and a smaller A3 version. The prints will be made using the giclée, archival pigment technique on Somerset Enhanced Velvet paper. The A2 run is limited to 50 editions; the A3 to 100.

The A2 Print (limited to a run of 50 prints) costs £49.95, including delivery
The A3 Print (limited to a run of 100) costs £39.95, including delivery

Prints are made to order and unframed. Allow 14 days for delivery.

To buy a print CONTACT NIGEL AND SALLY using this link