12 October 2018

So, just how fit and agile were you?

Thanks to everyone who completed our speed and agility challenge over the last few weeks. The results are now all in and we are ready to reveal how quick you are and also the lucky winner of the Mizuno tennis shoes. 

The test was designed to be a simple exercise that anyone could do, and it was therefore great to see all ages and both men and women giving it a go: 

"I am 52 years old so I have to make sure I warm up well before a game. I play about 3 times a week and this is a really good warmup routine with the bending, stretching and changing direction." Fiona, 52

"Easy exercise once knowing what to do," James, 40

"Lost my breath!" Gabriele, 23

"Disappointed with my time. Think technique could make some difference and I suppose not bad for my age," Anthony, 64

No matter what your level of play, speed and agility is important. The International Tennis Federation (ITF)  emphasises on their fitness training guides how a tennis player must be able to move quickly and with constant changes in direction to become a successful athlete.  Myles, one of our participants agrees: 

"I've said I need to be faster around the court and target getting fitter."

So how did you do?

We pick out the key results below: 

  • Fastest time: 12.5 seconds, Greg Stenson
  • Average time: 29.4 seconds
  • Average time for males v females: 28.5 seconds v 30.6 seconds
  • Range of times: 12.5 seconds - 115 seconds

In addition, there was also a moderate positive relationship between age and the time it takes, which indicates as age increases, time also goes up. However, with practice and determination there is room for everyone to improve, as Greg, our quickest player, describes below: 

"Gradually got my time down, getting used to the quick turn and kicking back off towards my racket."

Our challenge may have come to its conclusion, but your journey to becoming quicker and more agile has only just started! For one lucky player this could be aided by a pair of new tennis shoes..

And The winner of the pair of mizuno shoes is...

Mizuno shoesJames Foot

Congratulations to James who plays in our Enfield Parks League! We will be in touch with details on how to clam your prize.