22 June 2018

Tennis makes you healthier and happier and possibly thinner!

Our recent Health & Fitness survey shows that playing tennis in our leagues makes you feel slimmer, fitter and happier

Thank you very much to everyone who completed our recent Health & Fitness Questionnaire. We had a fantastic response and the key findings are that tennis makes you feel great! It not only makes you feel fitter and slimmer, it also has a tremendous effect on your mood, mental health and sense of belonging to a community, all of which are key to wellness and health.

574 of you completed the survey, and this is what you said:

90% are fitter because of joining
86% have improved mood/mental health
77% have made friends
76% feel more part of the community
74% feel mentally sharper
72% are now more active

In addition, almost a third of you have lost weight, of which 84% have lost up to half a stone, and 16% more than a stone.

Nearly a third of players said they had lost weight

You may remember when we announced our survey, we referred to a study a couple of year ago which showed tennis players live longer!  We asked one of the authors of this study, Dr Charlie Foster of the Cenre for Exercise, Nuturiton and Health Sciences at the University of Bristol for a comment on our survey and he said:

“This study shows that tennis payers report a range physical and mental health benefits which is consistent with previous research. Tennis offers its players a perfect mix of heart and lung fitness, muscular strength with balance and coordination, alongside enjoyment and social benefits.”

Tennis rocks!

We will be sending cans of tennis balls to 12 randomly chosen survey respondents as a thank you.