Those Golden Wimbledon Tickets!

If you think we're always going on about our Wimbledon'd be right!

Here at Local Tennis Leagues HQ we're pretty excited. Our Wimbledon ballot means that those all so hard to get hold of, Wimbledon tickets could be available to buy for our Local Leaguers!

All of our players (who've played in the last 12 months) had the chance to opt-in to our very own (and very large!) Wimbledon ballot. It means that more than 271 pairs of tickets are available just for enjoying your local tennis league! That's 542 of you who will be at Wimbledon this year. Those are some good odds!

The bad news..

That's right, the deadline has now passed for this year's Wimbledon ballot. So if you didn't opt in or didn't enter a league in time, then hard luck. Of course, there's always next year, so from now on, any leagues you enter will count towards our ballot for Wimbledon 2019.

The ballot has now taken place and the names plucked out of the LTA's large hat! If you're lucky enough to have your name pulled out of that magic hat, you'll have been contacted via email. So check that inbox! The details would have been sent to the email you use for your Local Tennis Leagues account.

No email? Often tickets are recycled so if some of your fellow Local Leaguers don't take the opportunity up, then you still have a chance!

More information is available on our Wimbledon ballot page.

Good luck!