7 January 2020

Too many Local Tennis League emails? You have options!

Keeping in touch with you is an important part of what we do, but no one likes to be bombarded with emails! So what are the options available to ensure you get the emails you want?

We keep in touch with you in two ways. We send "transactional" emails about the leagues and rounds you have joined and selected marketing emails  (The Roundup newsletter which is sent each week is the main example). But occasionally we might send everyone an email about, say, the LTA Wimbledon ballot.

We try to make it straightforward for you to control which emails you receive while still making it possible for us to send you essential information if you have joined a round. 

If you want to limit the emails you receive, you can unsubscribe to the newsletter and/or limit the emails we send about rounds.

We hope the following helps...

Don't forget, we are always happy to help players manage their accounts. We have a user help page here, and you can contact us anytime. There is also more information on our Privacy Statement.