12 April 2018

Unstoppable in Cambridge!

Sam Coleman

Cambridge may be primarily known for its world-class university, but it's the city's bustling tennis league that is starting to create a new name for itself amongst locals.

And with a table-topper who's chalked up an incredible 88% win rate, having lost just once in his past 11 matches (and even that was due to early match retirement), we're inviting challengers to take on Sam Coleman, who we were fortunate to chat with this week.

'I'm an engineering manager for an automotive company. I also swim, and travel endlessly (mostly for work... 50%+ of the time outside of the UK!). I started playing tennis when I was 7, but had some long breaks due to injuries.

I saw a banner for Local Tennis Leagues on the side of the fence around the courts at Coleridge Recreation Ground and thought I'd give it a go!'

Having won 23 of his 26 matches to date, Sam's dominance in the league is clear to see. So what does he put his success down to?

'I'm a bit of a baseline grinder and counter-puncher. My forehand is my strength so I use it to force errors from other players' weaknesses. I tend to win most matches - only a few players have challenged me so far!'

He might currently top group 1 of LTL Cambridge, but Sam admits, certain styles can impact his game;

'I don't enjoy playing chippers or slicers at all - mostly because I have to make my own pace. It took me a while to work out how to beat them, but I think I've cracked it now.'

Our Cambridge league has increased in popularity, and with good outdoor and indoor facilities in the city, tennis in Cambridge really is an all-year sport. Sam regularly plays on the indoor courts at Hills Road Tennis Centre, and with 11 other venues to choose from, the league has shone light on the fantastic opportunities to play tennis in the city. 

So as the league's number 1, what advice does Sam give to the challengers to his throne!?

'Play often and get some coaching to iron out poor technique. Playing Local Tennis Leagues gives you a chance to play some different people and styles and get some practice matches in. Don't forget that competitive matches are a totally different challenge to hitting with a coach or training - if you don't compete much, you should try it... it's much more exciting, creates nervous moments and teaches you to hit winners when it counts and otherwise learn to stay in points.'

A huge thanks for taking the time to chat Sam, and best of luck for your continued success!

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