26 January 2021

You'll Always Find Jo On Court

Jo Bartholomew

Meet Jo, a committed Local Tennis Leagues player who loves to play tennis at any opportunity and experience all that her local courts have to offer.


What was your LTL highlight of 2020?

My LTL highlight from 2020 was simply getting out on court and hitting balls; tennis is in my blood as both my parents played to a high standard. I started playing LTL when I lived in Essex, to get into singles play against other adults of a similar standard to me. I played my first LTL in Southend, where I joined Crowthorne TC, against a lady called Maddie.


Where else have you been involved with LTL?

I moved to Yorkshire in 2017 and joined Pelican Park Club, the only tennis club inside Hull City, where I played in a mixed doubles league. I have also played in the Sheffield LTL to get more experience with singles play, where I played mostly against male opponents which were a good challenge. I have signed up for the new Grimsby LTL so as soon as lockdown ends, there’s no stopping me.


How have you been keeping fit during lockdown?

I’ve been running to keep fit and active. I use the word ‘running’ very loosely, more like a slow jog…maybe even a walk. But I do it. I get out there and accumulate miles. I want to stay fit for tennis, that’s my main motivation and I can’t wait to get back on court in both LTL and club play.


What is your tennis claim to fame?

I have played tennis with Jo Durie; it was on a tennis week at La Manga. I also once played in a group with Virginia Wade at the National Championships when they were held in Telford. I met my best friend, another tennis player, at Wimbledon when we were playing in a charity event back in 1991. We found our way to Centre Court and just sat there in the stands for a while, taking in the atmosphere. I’ll remember that for the rest of my life. 

I have also been to all four Grand Slams and have played in the Australian Open “Real Tennis” Championships in Hobart, Tasmania 2010. I also knew Elena Baltacha and I still raise money for her Academy when the opportunity arises.


Would you recommend LTL?

I’d recommend LTL to anyone! It’s very friendly and sociable, and allows you to play and improve your own game. I also make sure I play 3 matches by the mid-point just so I get that coveted can of new balls, which is a great bonus!


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