We’re all about friendly, competitive tennis at Local Tennis Leagues. Take note of these tips and you’ll fit right in. 


Line calling 

  • You call the ball on your side of the net. If you saw the ball go out your opponent must accept your call. 

  • If you are unsure, the ball should be called in. 

  • You may challenge your opponent's call by asking if they’re certain. If they are not, the point is yours. 


There’s a ball on court

  • Any balls on your side of the net are your responsibility, and if you are receiving, it is your job to make sure they are returned to the server. 

  • If a ball lands in a neighbouring court, wait for an appropriate time in your match and theirs, to retrieve it.


Playing a let

  • If play is interrupted in any way, playing a let is the fairest thing to do. Either player can call a let and then you should replay the point. 


Keeping score

  • This is the server’s responsibility and the easiest way is to announce the score at the beginning of each point. 

  • If your opponent disagrees try to track back the points. If you really can’t agree on the score, you must go back to the last point you both agree on. 


I need to let off steam

  • Tennis is a tense, adrenaline-fuelled game and no one expects it to be played in silence. Emotions are part of the game, but if you swear and shout, even if it is only at your racquet, it can be off-putting to your opponent.

  • Do your best to keep shouting and screaming to a minimum.



  • If friends or family would like to watch a match, just let your opponent know first to be sure they are okay with it. 

  • Spectators should remain outside the court, showing support respectfully and should never get involved in line calling.


Courts and cancellations

  • Booking arrangements for courts vary widely, but if you are the one who has to cancel, it is your responsibility. You should cover the court fee if this is the case.

  • Even if there is no booking fee to lose, if the court has been reserved, do let the centre know. 

If courts are free to use, or don't have booking arrangements: 

  • Don't queue jump or ask someone else to keep your place in the queue.

  • Wait outside the courts.

  • Don't ask players on court when they are going to finish, or otherwise interrupt their match. You may politely ask the score at a suitable break in play.

  • If there are lots of people waiting, keep your warm up to a minimum (or warm up off court).

  • Never hold a court for another player.

  • Always observe local customs.