In our singles leagues, men and women are treated as equals, placed in groups not by gender, but by standard. Like the vast majority of sports, however, we need more women to play. If you have enjoyed playing in the league and support our gender-neutral approach, please shout about it on social media and you could win a Mizuno tennis bag! 

"There's no reason men and women of similar standards shouldn't play competitve tennis on equal footing," says Local Tennis Leagues founder Sally Kinnes. "Our leagues have always offered that chance. Now we want to shout about the opportunity and get more women playing!" 

To win the Mizuno tennis bag

Tell us why you enjoy playing mixed singles or why you think it's important as a way to get more people playing tennis. Include #MIXITTENNIS and tag us on any of the following

Instagram: Local Tennis Leagues

twitter: @TennisLeagues

Facebook: Localtennisleagues

The campaign will run for the next few weeks and five lucky winners, chosen at random from those who have supported the campaign on social media, will receive a Mizuno bag! 


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Mizuno dressEach year the big brands go to enormous lengths to kit out their star players. This year Mizuno are giving you the exclusive chance to get some of the over-supply stock from the 2018 Championships!

We have hundreds of pounds worth of top-quality women's kit to give away! Just pay a contribution to the postage and handling. You may choose one item from one or all of the clothing categories below. The £2.90 handling charge is applicable per item. Stock and sizes are limited and as shown. Handling charges will be refunded for any item that becomes out of stock. There are no returns or refunds on this offer. 

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